Molly OhAinle Human Biology Division, Fred Hutch, 2014-2020
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Olivier Schwartz Institut Pasteur, Unité Virus et Immunité, Département de Virologie, France
2 protocols

Ferdinand Roesch
  • Ph.D. Student in the Virus and Immunity Unit, Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • 3 Author merit


M.Sc in Fundamental Virology, Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris, 2010


• Roesch, F., Meziane, O., Kula, A., Nisole, S., Porrot, F., Anderson, I., Mammano, F., Fassati, A., Marcello, A., Benkirane, M. and Schwartz, O. (2012). Hyperthermia stimulates HIV-1 replication. PLoS Pathog 8(7): e1002792.
• Malbec, M., Roesch, F. and Schwartz, O. (2011). A new role for the HTLV-1 p8 protein: increasing intercellular conduits and viral cell-to-cell transmission. Viruses 3(3): 254-259.
• Redder, P., Peng, X., Brugger, K., Shah, S. A., Roesch, F., Greve, B., She, Q., Schleper, C., Forterre, P., Garrett, R. A. and Prangishvili, D. (2009). Four newly isolated fuselloviruses from extreme geothermal environments reveal unusual morphologies and a possible interviral recombination mechanism. Environ Microbiol 11(11): 2849-2862.
3 Protocols published
HIV-CRISPR: A CRISPR/Cas9 Screening Method to Identify Genes Affecting HIV Replication
Authors:  Ferdinand Roesch and Molly OhAinle, date: 05/05/2020, view: 2797, Q&A: 0
Screening with CRISPR/Cas9 technology has already led to significant discoveries in the fields of cancer biology, cell biology and virology. Because of the relatively low false discovery rates and the ability to perform high-throughput, pooled ...
Quantification of HIV-1 DNA
Authors:  Ferdinand Roesch and Olivier Schwartz, date: 04/05/2013, view: 9675, Q&A: 0
The reverse transcription (RT) reaction is a critical step in HIV-1 life cycle. It is very strongly regulated and the target of several restriction factors (TRIM5α, APOBECs, SAMHD1, etc.). The progress of reverse transcription can be followed by ...
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