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Abhijit Kale Deciduous Therapeutics
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Ehsan Kheradpezhouh Australian National University
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Geoffrey Lau City University of Hong Kong
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Miao He
  • Faculty, Institute of Brain Science, Fudan University
Research focus
  • Neuroscience
  • Neuronal diversity
    Genetic targeting
    Neural circuit
  • 4 Author merit


Ph.D, Stony Brook University, 2011

Lab information

Miao He Lab


1. Zhu T, Zhao Y, Zhang P, Shao Y, He J, Xue P, Zheng W, Qu W, Jia X, Zhou Z, Lu R, He M, Zhang Y*. Lead impairs the development of innate lymphoid cells by impeding the differentiation of their progenitors.Toxicol Sci. 2020 May 19:kfaa074. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfaa074. Online ahead of print. PMID: 32428222
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4 Protocols published
Authors:  蔡哲平 , 王国宏 , 陈扬 and 何苗, date: 09/13/2018, view: 4008, Q&A: 0
2 Protocols reviewed
Staining and Quantitative Analysis of Myelinating Oligodendrocytes in the Mouse Grey Matter
Authors:  Matthew Swire and Charles ffrench-Constant, date: 10/20/2020, view: 231, Q&A: 0
Oligodendrocytes generate distinct patterns of myelination throughout the CNS. Variations in myelination along axons may enable neurons to fine-tune conduction velocities and alter signal synchronisation. Here we outline a staining protocol ...
More >
Induction of Photothrombotic Stroke in the Sensorimotor Cortex of Rats and Preparation of Tissue for Analysis of Stroke Volume and Topographical Cortical Localization of Ischemic Infarct
Authors:  Anna M. Wiersma and Ian R. Winship, date: 05/20/2018, view: 7214, Q&A: 0
The photothrombotic model of stroke is commonly used in research as it allows the ischemic infarct to be targeted to specific regions of the cortex with high reproducibility and well-defined infarct borders. Unlike other models of stroke, ...
More >
7 Protocols edited
Precise Targeting of Single Microelectrodes to Orientation Pinwheel Centers
Authors:  Xue Mei Song, Ming Li, Tao Xu, Dewen Hu and Anna Wang Roe, date: 06/05/2020, view: 658, Q&A: 0
In the mammalian visual system, early stages of visual form perception begin with orientation selective neurons in primary visual cortex (V1). In many species (including humans, monkeys, tree shrews, cats, and ferrets), these neurons are organized ...
More >
Preparation of a Bacteriophage T4-based Prokaryotic-eukaryotic Hybrid Viral Vector for Delivery of Large Cargos of Genes and Proteins into Human Cells
Authors:  Jingen Zhu, Pan Tao, Marthandan Mahalingam and Venigalla B. Rao, date: 04/05/2020, view: 917, Q&A: 0
A viral vector that can safely and efficiently deliver large and diverse molecular cargos into cells is the holy grail of curing many human diseases. Adeno-associated virus (AAV) has been extensively used but has a very small capacity. The ...
More >
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