Basant K Patel
  • Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Banaras Hindu University, India, 2005

Current position

Associate Professor, Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, india


  1. Prasad, A., Raju, G., Sivalingam, V., Girdhar, A., Verma, M., Vats, A., Taneja, V., Prabusankar, G. and Patel, B. K. (2016). An acridine derivative, [4,5-bis{(N-carboxy methyl imidazolium)methyl}acridine] dibromide, shows anti-TDP-43 aggregation effect in ALS disease models. Sci Rep 6: 39490.
  2. Park, S. K., Hong, J. Y., Arslan, F., Kanneganti, V., Patel, B., Tietsort, A., Tank, E. M. H., Li, X., Barmada, S. J. and Liebman, S. W. (2017). Overexpression of the essential Sis1 chaperone reduces TDP-43 effects on toxicity and proteolysis. PLoS Genet 13(5): e1006805.
  3. Bharathi, V., Girdhar, A., Prasad, A., Verma, M., Taneja, V. and Patel, B. K. (2016). Use of ade1 and ade2 mutations for development of a versatile red/white colour assay of amyloid-induced oxidative stress in saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast 33(12): 607-620.
  4. Sivalingam, V., and Basant, K. P. (2016). Familial mutations in fibrinogen A-alpha (FGA) chain identified in renal amyloidosis increase in vitro amyloidogenicity of FGA fragment. Biochimie 127: 44-49.
  5. Sivalingam, V., Prasanna, N. L., Sharma, N., Prasad, A. and Patel, B. K. (2016). Wild-type hen egg white lysozyme aggregation in vitro can form self-seeding amyloid conformational variants. Biophys Chem 219: 28-37.
  6. Sharma, N., Vishwanath, S. and Patel, B. K. (2016). Recombinant Human Semenogelin-1 (Sg1) and Sg1 (1-159) form Detergent Stable Amyloid like Aggregates in vitro. Protein Pept Lett 23(1): 87-96.
  7. Raju, G., Sivalingam, V., Archana, P., Basant, K. P. and Prabusankar, G. (2016). Imidazolium Tagged Acridine Derivatives: Syntheses, Structures, DNA Sensing and Anti-microbial Activities. J Mol Structure 1107: 291-299.
  8. Sharma, N., Sivalingam, V., Maurya, S., Prasad, A., Khandelwal, P., Yadav, S. C. and Patel, B. K. (2015). New insights into in vitro amyloidogenic properties of human serum albumin suggest considerations for therapeutic precautions. FEBS Lett 589(24 Pt B): 4033-4038.
  9. Patel, B. K., Gavin-Smyth, J. and Liebman, S. W. (2009). The yeast global transcriptional co-repressor protein Cyc8 can propagate as a prion. Nat Cell Biol 11(3): 344-349.
  10. Patel, B. K. and Liebman, S. W. (2007). "Prion-proof" for [PIN+]: infection with in vitro-made amyloid aggregates of Rnq1p-(132-405) induces [PIN+]. J Mol Biol 365(3): 773-782.
1 Protocol published
A Protocol of Using White/Red Color Assay to Measure Amyloid-induced Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Authors:  Vidhya Bharathi, Amandeep Girdhar and Basant K Patel, date: 08/05/2017, view: 10204, Q&A: 0
The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S. cerevisiae) harboring ade1 or ade2 mutations manifest red colony color phenotype on rich yeast medium YPD. In these mutants, intermediate metabolites of adenine biosynthesis ...
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