Editorial Criteria
Submissions to Bio-protocol must adhere to the following editorial criteria:
  • The protocol falls within the remit of our Aims and Scope. Please refer to our Submission Procedure for further details.

  • The protocol is structured in an appropriate format that clearly describes the experimental procedure, including separate sections for the abstract, background, materials and reagents, equipment, procedure, data analysis, recipes, acknowledgements, and references (see Protocol Preparation Guidelines for our recommended format).

  • There is demonstrable evidence that the submitted protocol works (for example, the protocol was previously published in its brief version by the authors as part of a research article).

  • The protocol contains sufficient detail to enable other researchers to effectively reproduce the steps described.

  • The protocol is clearly written in formal English.

  • Figures, videos, tables, animations and other supporting media are of acceptable publication quality, relevant to the protocol, and clearly described using appropriate legends.

  • The protocol adheres to all relevant standards (e.g. NIH for NIH-funded researchers) for experimentation and research integrity.

  • The authors sign our License to Publish agreement.

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