Cancer Biology


    Protocols in Current Issue
    In vivo Tumor Growth and Spontaneous Metastasis Assays Using A549 Lung Cancer Cells
    [Abstract] Metastasis accounts for the majority of cancer related deaths. The genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models and cell line-based subcutaneous and orthotopic mouse xenografts have been developed to study the metastatic process. By using lung cancer cell line A549 as an example, we present a modified protocol to establish the cell line-based ...
    Isolation and Immortalization of Fibroblasts from Different Tumoral Stages
    Authors:  Fernando Calvo, Steven Hooper and Erik Sahai, date: 04/05/2014, view: 16039, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Tumour microenvironment and cancer-associated fibroblasts in particular exhibit tumour promoting abilities that are not present in their normal counterparts (Calvo et al., 2013; Hanahan and Coussens, 2012). Therefore, functional and molecular characterization of the modifications occurring in fibroblasts during tumour progression is ...
    Isolation of Mammary Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts From Mouse Tumor
    Author:  Shiva Kazerounian, date: 02/20/2014, view: 17604, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Developing cancer therapeutics requires the ability to investigate their effects using in vitro models of a specific type of tumor. This protocol provides a method for the isolation and adoption to growth in culture of cells from primary tumors. This is particularly valuable for studying mouse models where original tumor cells can be ...

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