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Michele  Bandoly

Michele Bandoly


Ph.D. in Biology, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 2016

Current position

IS Insect Services GmbH, Berlin, Germany (02/2016-present)


  1. Bandoly, M., Grichnik, R., Hilker, M. and Steppuhn, A. (2016). Priming of anti-herbivore defence in Nicotiana attenuata by insect oviposition: herbivore-specific effects. Plant Cell Environ 39(4): 848-859.
  2. Bandoly, M. and Steppuhn, A. (2016). A push-button: Spodoptera exigua oviposition on Nicotiana attenuata dose-independently primes the feeding-induced plant defense. Plant Signal Behav 11(1): e1114198.
  3. Bandoly, M., Hilker, M. and Steppuhn, A. (2015). Oviposition by Spodoptera exigua on Nicotiana attenuata primes induced plant defence against larval herbivory. Plant J 83(4): 661-672.
  4. Blenn, B., Bandoly, M., Kuffner, A., Otte, T., Geiselhardt, S., Fatouros, N. E. and Hilker, M. (2012). Insect egg deposition induces indirect defense and epicuticular wax changes in Arabidopsis thaliana. J Chem Ecol 38(7): 882-892.
Protocols by Michele Bandoly
  1. Bioassays to Investigate the Effects of Insect Oviposition on a Plant’s Resistance to Herbivores