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Iris  Steinberger

Iris Steinberger


Diploma in Biology, Department I of Biology, Plant Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, 2011

Current position

Ph.D. student in Plant Science,Department I of Biology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany


  1. Schneider, A., Steinberger, I., Strissel, H., Kunz, H. H., Manavski, N., Meurer, J., Burkhard, G., Jarzombski, S., Schunemann, D., Geimer, S., Flugge, U. I. and Leister, D. (2014). The Arabidopsis Tellurite resistance C protein together with ALB3 is involved in photosystem II protein synthesis. Plant J 78(2): 344-356.
Protocols by Iris Steinberger
  1. Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements in Arabidopsis Wild-type and Photosystem II Mutant Leaves
  2. Cation (Ca2+ and Mn2+) Partitioning Assays with Intact Arabidopsis Chloroplasts