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If you would like a more detailed, step-by-step version of a protocol derived from a research article, use the Request a Protocol (RaP) feature, powered by Bio-protocol.

As part of our efforts to make science more reproducible, Bio-protocol has collaborated with partners such as Science/AAAS and eLife to make it easier to view and request detailed protocols directly from their published articles.

Click HERE to learn more about the RaP feature.

“AAAS launches collaboration with Bio-protocol, in support of scientific reproducibility”
eLife Latest: Request detailed protocols easily via Bio-protocol integration
Our new reproducibility-focused integration with Bio-protocol lets you request a detailed protocol from any article on elife.
Inside eLife. 21-Aug-2019
Fill out the request form, and we will contact the author(s) on your behalf. If the author agrees to share the protocol, we will let you know via email. Please do not request authors to share any details that are already available in the paper and the supplementary materials.
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