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Testing for mycoplasma in cell culture by PCR

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Tags: PCR, Cell Culture, mycoplasma and Gel electrophoresis

Materials and Reagents

  1. Nuclease free water

  2. Go-Taq Green master mix x2 (Promega M712B)

  3. Fwd oligo:  Combine to a final concentration of 10 uM.


  4. Rev oligo: Combine to a final concentration of 10 uM.

  5. Negative control (e.g. medium only)

  6. Positive control (medium from infected culture)

  7. Agarose powder

  8. Running buffer (recipe)


  1. Pipetors 20μl, 10μl

  2. Filter tips

  3. Eppendorf tubes

  4. PCR tubes 0.2ml

  5. Heating block (95°C)

  6. PCR machine

  7. Mini-centrifuge

  8. Microspin benchtop centrifuge

  9. Gel electrophoresis aparatus

  10. UV imaging (3rd floor)


  1. Collect 100μl of cell culture media from plate into eppendorf tube.

  2. Boil samples to 95°C for 5min

  3. Centrifuge at top speed for 2min.

  4. Prepare PCR mix as follows (multiply by the number of samples):

  5. Reagentvolume
    Go-Taq Green master mix x2
    Fwd primer1.5μl 
    Rev primer1.5μl 
  6. Don't forget to include negative & positive controls.

  7. Use the program Sandi-->myco1. program details: 

    95/ 5min, (95/30 secs, 50/30 secs/ 72/35 secs) X 5 cycles, (95/30 secs, 56/20 secs/ 72/30 secs) X 25 cycles, 72/1 min, 4/hold

  8. Once done, load the samples directly on gel and run for 10-15min at 300/250V.

  9. Image gel.

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