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Drosophila Climbing Assay

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Tags: Fly, Drosophila, Climbing and Healthspan

Materials and Reagents

1 empty fly vial


  1. On a day between vial changes, starting with the day flies are sorted into vials, place ~25 flies in an empty vial with a line drawn 6 centimeters from the bottom (must know how many flies are in the vial!).

  2. Gently tap flies to the bottom of the vial and count flies that cross the line within 10 seconds. Perform this step 3 times total for each vial in each condition.  Using this data, calculate the average percentage of flies able to cross the line in 10 seconds.

  3. Perform Step 2 weekly to determine weekly climbing ability and record longevity-related decline in climbing ability.

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