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As part of our efforts to make science more reproducible, we're working with Bio-protocol to link the protocols they host with research published at eLife.

To request a protocol for an eLife paper that's not yet available on Bio-protocol, simply fill in the form below and they will send a request to the author. If the author chooses to make it available, the Bio-protocol team will let you know via email and a link will be added to the eLife article. Your details will not be shared with the authors unless you opt-in to share them below.

Protocol to request
Protein alignments and phylogenetic analyses (LIM homeobox, type IV collagen and CBP/p300, Smg5/6/7, eIF4A3, eRF3, SRSF1-9/TRA2 splicing factors)
Research Article
Dynamics of genomic innovation in the unicellular ancestry of animals
DOI: 10.7554/eLife.26036
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