DAPI Nuclear Staining of Live Worm   

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Adapted from the Villenueve Lab at Stanford University. This is a very simple method using ethanol fixation, but works very well.

Materials and Reagents

  1. Vectashield Mounting Media (Vector Labs)
  2. M9 solution
  3. 95% ethanol
  4. DAPI solution


  1. Fluorescence microscope (Leica)
  2. Whatman paper
  3. Coverslip
  4. Nail polish


  1. Pick worms in M9 solution (see common worm media and buffers) onto your slide.
  2. Wick away extra liquid by Whatman paper.
  3. Add 95% ethanol and let dry (usually 10~20 μl); repeat 3x.
  4. Add DAPI solution with vectashield (or other mounting media).
  5. Cover with coverslip and seal with nail polish; let sit in the dark ~10 min.
  6. The slides can then be visualized.
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How to cite: He, F. (2011). DAPI Nuclear Staining of Live Worm. Bio-101: e77. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.77.

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