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Making Males of C. elegans   

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Getting males from a hermaphrodite population. This is a modified version of protocol originally written by Michael Koelle at Yale University.

Materials and Reagents

  1. NGM plates


  1. 25 and 30 °C incubators


  1. Set up ~6 NGM plates (seeded with normal bacterial food E. coli OP50-1) with 10 L4 hermaphrodites each.
  2. Heat shock 4-6 h (no more than 6 h) at 30 °C.
  3. Move plates to 25 °C. You should get a few males per plate in the F1 generation.
    Note: To get more males, it is best to set them up with an excess of L4 hermaphrodites to ensure more males recover in the next generation.
  4. Male stocks should be maintained by selecting out an excess of males, along with a few L4 hermaphrodites in each generation (usually, male to hermaphrodite ratio is about 1: 10).
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How to cite: He, F. (2011). Making Males of C. elegans. Bio-101: e58. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.58.

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