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Recognizing the need for greater reproducibility in scientific research, our collaborating journals encourage their
authors to publish step-by-step methods in Bio-protocol/Bio-101.
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New: Flow Cytometry of CD14, VDR, Cyp27 and Cyp24 and TLR4 in U937 Cells http://bio-protocol.org/e3695 This #protocol allows investigating simultaneously the effects of 25 vitamin D on the expression of intracellular and cell membrane biomarkers. @uninoveoficial @SciReports
Twitter • 2 days ago
New: Multiple Simultaneous Acute Stresses in Mice: Single or Repeated Induction http://bio-protocol.org/e3699 Can be used once or repeatedly to emulate complex, repeated modern life stresses, advancing the knowledge of resulting mental/cognitive impairments. @UCIBioSci @SfNJournals
Twitter • 3 days ago
New: Mechanical Tissue Compression and Whole-mount Imaging at Single-Cell Resolution for Developing Murine Epididymal Tubules http://bio-protocol.org/e3694 A #protocol for analyzing the mechanoresponsive machinery at the tissue level. @KyotoU_News @Dev_journal #development
Twitter • 4 days ago
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