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Yeast spot tests

Author: Graeme John Gowans, updated date: , view: 1171, Q&A: 0
Tag: Yeast


Grow strains overnight in YPD (5 ml is plenty)

Take plates out of cold room to warm up overnight

Pellet (2 min, 2000 rpm) and discard supernatant

Wash pellet in water

Pellet again and discard supernatant

Resuspend in 5 ml of water

Measure OD/ml

Dilute strains to 0.5 OD/ml in water

Make serial dilutions (1:10) – 4 or 5 is usually enough

Plate 4-5 µl of each dilution on each plate using multichannel pipette

Replicate plates are a good idea

Make sure spots don’t bleed into each other

Leave to dry before inverting plates

Place at 30C and check every day.

Take pictures on GelDoc (it has a plates setting)

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