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Fly Recombinant Protocol - Making Recombinant Using Same Insertion Chromosome Lines (3rd Chromosome Example)

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Tags: Fly, Drosophila and Recombinant


  1. w; +/+; P[transgeneA]/P[transgeneA] ☿☿ x w; +/+; P[transgeneB]/P[transgeneB] ♂♂

  2. w; +/+; P[transgeneA]/P[transgeneB] ☿☿ x w; +/+; TM3, Sb/TM6B, Tb ♂♂ You will get...

    • w; P[transgeneA/TM3, Sb or TM6B, Tb (red eye)

    • w; P[transgeneB/TM2, Sb or TM6B, Tb (red eye)

    • w; +/TM3, Sb or TM6b, Tb (white eye)

    • w; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/TM3, Sb or TM6B, Tb (strong or dark red eye) <-- want this fly for next cross

  3. w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/TM3, Sb ☿ (single female) x w; +/+; TM3, Sb/TM6B, Tb ♂♂ (setup 5-10 vials with different single females)
    w; +/+; TM3, Sb/TM6B, Tb ☿ ☿ x w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/TM3, Sb ♂ (setup 5-10 vials with different single males)

  4. w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/TM3, Sb ☿☿ x w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/TM3, Sb ♂♂

  5. w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB] ☿☿ x w; +/+; P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB]/P[transgeneA],P[transgeneB] ♂♂

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