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Stanbio Glucose Liqui-UV (Hexokinase) 1060

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Tags: Fly, Drosophila, Spectraphotometer and Glucose


  1. Standards = 100 mg/dL   


    Std Serial

    Dilution (ul)



    510 ul1
    45 ul0.5
    32.5 ul0.25
    21.25 ul0.125
    10.625 ul0.0625

  2. Prepare Working Reagent (WR):

    one part R2 to 5 parts R1

  3. Add 10 ul sample into 190 ul WR per well

  4. Incubate at 37°C for 5 min

  5. Read S and U vs RB at 340 nm

  6. Resutls:

    Values are derived by the following equation:

    Glucose (mg/dL) = Au/Ac x 100

    Au = Absorbance unknown

    Ac = Absorbance of calibrator

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