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Ethanol Avoidance Assay, C. elegans

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Tags: Worm and Avoidance

Materials and Reagents

Medium plates.

Age synchronize worms.

100% Ethanol.

Microscope to take images, if needed.



Synchronized young adult hermaphrodites (16 h after the late L4 larval stage) were transferred to assay plates, which are divided into four quadrants: two quadrants seeded with 50 μl of 100% ethanol and the others without.

Worms are placed in the center of the assay plate and allowed to move for 30min at which point the entire plate is imaged and the worms are scored for their quadrant of preference.

Ethanol avoidance is calculated as ((number of worms in control quadrants) – (number of worms in ethanol quadrants))/ total number of worms.


Cooper J. F., Dues D. J., Spielbauer K. K., Machiela M., Senchuk M. M. & Raamsdonk J. M. V. Delaying aging is neuroprotective in Parkinson’s disease: a genetic analysis in C. elegans models. Npj Parkinson’ disease 1, 15022 (2015).

Lee J., Jee C. & McIntire S. L. Ethanol preference in C. elegans. Genes Brain Behav 8: 578-585 (2009).

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