Bioassay of Extracts of the Endophytic Fungi   

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Ru Zhang
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Feb 2013


Many of the microbes including fungi produce metabolites possessing antifungal activity and in some cases fungal metabolites are main cause of antifungal activity resulted by fungus. To infer that antifungal activity is due to fungal metabolites, there is a need to develop a repeatable procedure to assay these metabolites. Here we are presenting the poisoned food technique for bioassay of extract from endophytic fungi, where culture media is supplemented with extract to testpathogen viability as proxy for antifungal activity.

Keywords: Bioassay, Antifungal, Endophytic fungi, Fungal extract

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How to cite: Kumar, S. and Kaushik, N. (2013). Bioassay of Extracts of the Endophytic Fungi. Bio-protocol 3(19): e927. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.927.

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