Analysis of Starch Synthase Activities in Wheat Grains using Native-PAGE   

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A brief version of this protocol appeared in:
Journal of Experimental Botany
May 2014


Starch synthases are one class of key enzymes involving in the synthesis of cereal starch, which transfer glucose from ADP-glucose to the non-reducing end of pre-existing α-(1-4)-liked glucosyl chains of amylopectin. This protocol is highly reproducible for assaying activities for starch synthase I and IIIa in wheat and barley endosperm at qualitative level and quantitative level. The protocol includes separating proteins isolated from developing endosperm with native-PAGE containing glycogen from oyster, incubating protein gels with ADP-glucose solution, and staining gels with iodine solution. The method allows researchers to compare the levels or changes of starch synthase activities.

Keywords: Starch synthase, Enzymatic activity assay, Wheat, Grain, Native-PAGE

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How to cite: Li, Z. (2016). Analysis of Starch Synthase Activities in Wheat Grains using Native-PAGE. Bio-protocol 6(2): e1713. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1713.

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