Cancer Biology


    Protocols in Current Issue
    Spherical Invasion Assay: A Novel Method to Measure Invasion of Cancer Cells
    [Abstract] The invasion of tumor cells into the neighboring blood vessels and lymph nodes is a vital step for distant metastasis. Traditionally, the invasive activity of growth factors (or the anti-invasive activity of drugs) is measured with the Boyden chamber assay. However, this assay has a few disadvantages like poor physiological relevance of transwell ...
    Studying Chemotactic Migration in Dunn Chamber: An Example Applied to Adherent Cancer Cells
    Authors:  Khedidja Benseddik and Kossay Zaoui, date: 02/05/2022, view: 987, Q&A: 0

    Cell migration is a vital process in the development of multicellular organisms. When deregulated, it is involved in many diseases such as inflammation and cancer metastisation. Some cancer cells could be stimulated using chemoattractant molecules, such as growth factor Heregulin β1. They respond to the attractant or repellent gradients

    Analysis of Random Migration of Cancer Cells in 3D
    Authors:  Sai P. Visweshwaran and Alexis Gautreau, date: 01/05/2020, view: 4188, Q&A: 1
    [Abstract] The ability of cancer cells to migrate through a complex three-dimensional (3D) environment is a hallmark event of cancer metastasis. Therefore, an in vitro migration assay to evaluate cancer cell migration in a 3D setting is valuable to examine cancer progression. Here, we describe such a simple migration assay in a 3D ...
    Three Dimensional Spheroid Co-culture Invasion Assay
    Authors:  Eldo T Verghese and Thomas A Hughes, date: 01/05/2015, view: 11977, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The assay was developed to investigate the impact of stromal cells of different types (in our case breast cancer associated fibroblasts stably manipulated to modify expression of genes of interest) on the invasive capacity of epithelial cancer cells (in our case breast cancer cell lines) (Verghese et al., 2013). Typical two dimensional ...
    Invadopodia Detection and Gelatin Degradation Assay
    Author:  Begoña Díaz, date: 12/20/2013, view: 20720, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] This protocol is designed to quantify invadopodia formation and activity. Invadopodia are protrusive structures elaborated by cancer cells that mediate cell attachment and remodeling of the extracellular matrix. These structures contribute to the ability of cancer cells to invade and metastasize. In this protocol, both the presence of invadopodia ...
    Three-dimensional Invasion Assay
    Authors:  Wen-Hao Yang and Muh-Hwa Yang, date: 09/05/2013, view: 11350, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The invasive ability of cancer cells is a crucial function for cancer metastasis and the surrounding microenvironment of cancer cells in living tissues is three-dimension (3D). Therefore, to establish an in vitro invasion assay in a 3D system to predict cancer invasive ability is valuable in the research for cancer metastasis. Here, we ...

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