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    Protocols in Current Issue
    Perls Staining for Histochemical Detection of Iron in Plant Samples
    Authors:  Tzvetina Brumbarova and Rumen Ivanov, date: 09/20/2014, view: 21255, Q&A: 2
    [Abstract] Visualization of iron (Fe) localization in plants has greatly enhanced our understanding of plant Fe homeostasis. One of the relatively simple and yet powerful techniques is the classical Perls blue stain (Perls, 1867). The technique is based on the conversion of ferrocyanide to insoluble crystals of Prussian blue in the presence of Fe3+ ...
    Determination of Ferric Chelate Reductase Activity in the Arabidopsis thaliana Root
    Authors:  Emre Aksoy and Hisashi Koiwa, date: 08/05/2013, view: 14224, Q&A: 6
    [Abstract] Plants have developed two distinct mechanisms, i.e., strategy I (reduction strategy) and II (chelation strategy), to mobilize insoluble Fe(III) in the rhizosphere and transport it through the plasma membrane. Arabidopsis thaliana and other dicots rely on strategy I. In this strategy, the rhizosphere is first acidified by a ...
    Iron - Prussian Blue Reaction - Mallory’s Method
    Author:  Hani Jouihan, date: 07/05/2012, view: 24346, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Purpose: To demonstrate ferric iron in tissue sections. Small amounts of iron are found normally in spleen and bone marrow. Excessive amounts are present in hemochromatosis, with deposits found in the liver and pancreas, hemosiderosis, with deposits in the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes.

    Principle: The reaction occurs with the treatment ...

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