Protocols in Current Issue
    Vestibular Organ Dissection and Whole-Mount Immunolabeling in Mouse
    Authors:  Timothy S. Balmer and Laurence O. Trussell, date: 05/20/2022, view: 28, Q&A: 0

    The vestibular sensory apparatus contained in the inner ear is a marvelous evolutionary adaptation for sensing movement in 3 dimensions and is essential for an animal’s sense of orientation in space, head movement, and balance. Damage to these systems through injury or disease can lead to vertigo, Meniere’s disease, and other disorders

    RNA Extraction from Ears and Draining Lymph Nodes of Mice Infected with Leishmania amazonensis
    Authors:  Emilie Giraud and Evie Melanitou, date: 06/05/2020, view: 3285, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Parasites of the genus Leishmania infect the mammalian hosts, including mice and humans and cause cutaneous or visceral leishmaniasis depending upon the parasite species transmitted by the vector sandfly. Leishmania amazonensis is one of the Leishmania species responsible for the cutaneous form of the disease. We have ...
    A Novel Technique for Imaging and Analysis of Hair Cells in the Organ of Corti Using Modified Sca/eS and Machine Learning
    [Abstract] Here, we describe a sorbitol-based optical clearing method, called modified Sca/eS that can be used to image all hair cells (HCs) in the mouse cochlea. This modification of Sca/eS is defined by three steps: decalcification, de-lipidation, and refractive index matching, which can all be completed within 72 h. Furthermore, we established automated ...
    Mouse Cochlear Whole Mount Immunofluorescence
    Authors:  Omar Akil and Lawrence R. Lustig, date: 03/05/2013, view: 29376, Q&A: 2
    [Abstract] This protocol comprises the entire process of immunofluorescence staining on mouse cochlea whole mount, starting from tissue preparation to the mounting of the tissue. This technique provides “three-dimensional” views of the stained components in order to determine the localization of a protein of interest in the tissue in its natural state and ...
    IgE-mediated Chronic Allergic Inflammation (IgE-CAI)
    Authors:  Yasuyo Harada and Masato Kubo, date: 10/05/2012, view: 11752, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] This system is one of a chronic allergic inflammation model. A single subcutaneous injection of antigens elicits a delayed-type response manifested by ear swelling. The entire response consists of three phases: Immediate, late, and chronic. The early-phase swelling peak within 1 h after allergen challenge is followed by the late-phase swelling ...

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