For open field test, each mouse was allowed to freely explore an open field arena for 5 min. The testing apparatus was a classic open
field (i.e., a wooden floor square arena, 40 × 40 cm, with walls 30 cm high). A video camera (Basler Gen I Cam - Basler acA 1300-60) connected to a Noldus computer system was placed above the box. Each mouse was placed individually at the center of the arena and the performance was monitored by the live video tracking system (Noldus System). Exploratory parameters in open field test that were analyzed include total distance traveled by the mice during 5 min of free exploration in the open field arena and the velocity with which this distance was covered. Moreover, the Noldus software provides many more open field parameters such as center zone frequency, cumulative duration, center zone cumulative duration, rearing, etc. Therefore, you will get a number of open field parameters from the Noldus software.