The samples were taken out of the polythene bags and blotted with filter paper before weighing. Drip loss was calculated based on the weight difference of the mackerel samples before and after storage.

The mixture of mackerel muscle and distilled water in aa ratio of 1:5 (w/v) was homogenized, and the suspension was used for pH value measurement with a digital pH meter (S210 Seven compact, Mettler-Toledo Instrument Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China).

TVB-N was measured according to Conway’s micro-diffusion method of association of official analytical chemists (AOAC) [32]. Briefly, the mixture of 5 g of the homogenized mackerel muscle and 50 mL distilled water was placed in a conical flask at ambient temperature for 30 min and filtered. Then, 1 mL of 2% boric acid was added in the inner ring of the Conway dishes, while 1 mL of the filtrate and 1 mL of saturated K2CO3 solution were placed in the outer ring. Each dish was covered by a piece of glass and sealed with gum arabic. The filtrate and saturated K2CO3 solution in the outer ring were mixed quickly. The Conway dishes were kept at 37 °C for 2 h, in which the formed volatile basic compounds were absorbed by the boric acid in the inner ring. The boric acid absorption solution of each Conway dish was titrated by H2SO4 with a micro-burette until it turned from a green color to pink. The TVB-N value was expressed as mg/100 g fish muscle according to the consumption of H2SO4:

where VH2SO4 an cH2SO4 are the volume and concentration of H2SO4 solotion, and msample is the mass of mackerel muscle.

TBARS values were measured according to John et al. [33] to estimate the level of lipid oxidation of Atlantic mackerel. First, 5 mL mixed solution (15% trichloro-acetic acid, 0.375% thiobarbituric acid, and 0.25 N HCl) was added to 1 g minced fish. Then, the mixture was incubated for 20 min in boiling water bath and centrifuged for 15 min at 8000× g by a centrifuge (CF-RXII Hitachi centrifuge, Hitachi, Japan). The supernatant was used to measure the absorbance at 532 nm by a spectrophotometer (Infinite F200 PRO, Tecan, Mannedorf, Switzerland). The content of malondialdehyde (MDA) was calculated based on absorbance and converted to a TBARS value as follows: TBARS (mg/kg) = A532 nm × 2.77.

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