Worms were grown on Escherichia coli OP50-seeded plates following standard laboratory culture conditions. Some of the strains used in this study were obtained from Caenorhabditis Genetics Center, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research Infrastructure (P40 OD010440). The C. elegans strains used in this study are as follows: wild-type Bristol strain N2, IJ848 yhEx432[vrk-1p::vrk-1::gfp; odr-1p::rfp], IJ849 yhEx433[vrk-1p::vrk-1::gfp; odr-1p::rfp], IJ288 yhEx63[vrk-1p::vrk-1::gfp; rol-6D], IJ289 yhEx534[vrk-1p::vrk-1::gfp; rol-6D], CF1290 N2 carrying pRF4(rol-6(su1006)) marker, YL279 unc-119(ed3); vrIs18[pie-1p::gfp:vrk-1:pie-1 3′UTR; unc-119(+)], IJ391 vrk-1(x1) II, CF2172 isp-1(qm150) IV, CF2354 clk-1(qm30) III, IJ401 vrk-1(x1) II; clk-1(qm30) III, IJ402 vrk-1(x1) II; isp-1(qm150) IV, CF1041 daf-2(e1370) III, IJ173 eat-2(ad1116) II, CF2553 osm-5(p813) X, IJ7 vhl-1(ok161) X, IJ1376 vrk-1(x1) eat-2(ad1116) II, IJ1377 vrk-1(x1) II; daf-2(e1370) III, IJ1378 vrk-1(x1) II; osm-5(p813) X, IJ32 Iszc[hsp-6p::gfp], IJ31 isp-1(qm150) IV; Iszc[hsp-6p::gfp], ZG120 iaIs7[nhr-57p::GFP; unc-119(+)], IJ2 isp-1(qm150) IV; iaIs7[nhr-57p::GFP; unc-119(+)], CL2166 dvIs19[pAF15(gst-4::GFP::NLS)], IJ945 isp-1(qm150) IV; dvIs19[pAF15(gst-4::GFP::NLS)], IJ1670 yhIs90[vrk-1p::vrk-1::GFP; odr-1p::RFP], IJ1721 aak-2(ok524) IV; yhIs90[vrk-1p::vrk-1::GFP; odr-1p::RFP], CF2725 aak-2(ok524) X, IJ259 isp-1(qm150) IV; aak-2(ok524) X, AGD418 uthIs205[crtc-1p::crtc-1::RFP::unc-54 3′UTR; rol-6D], IJ1945 uthIs205[crtc-1p::crtc-1::RFP::unc-54 3′UTR; rol-6D]; yhIs90[vrk-1p::vrk-1cDNA::GFP; odr-1p::RFP], IJ249 yhEx53[aak-2p::aak-2(T181A)::GFP; rol-6D], IJ1942 aak-2(ok524) X; yhEx53[aak-2p::aak-2(T181A)::GFP; rol-6D], IJ1943 aak-2(ok524) X; yhIs90[vrk-1p::vrk-1cDNA::GFP; odr-1p::RFP]; yhEx53[aak-2p::aak-2(T181A)::GFP; rol-6D], IJ2017 vrk-1(ok1181)/mIn1[mIs14 dpy-10(e128)], IJ2018 vrk-1(ok1181)/mIn1[mIs14 dpy-10(e128)]; daf-2(e1370), and IJ2019 vrk-1(ok1181)/mIn1[mIs14 dpy-10(e128)]; isp-1(qm150).

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