All flies were raised on standard cornmeal agar medium, under 60% humidity and a 12-hour-light/12-hour-dark cycle at 25°C. Gr5a-LexA(VP16) (13) and E409-Gal4 (34) were from K. Scott. Gr5a-Gal4 (II) and Gr66a-Gal4 (III) were from J. Carlson. ppk28-Gal4, ppk28Δ (23, 29), and ppk26Gal4 (27) were from Z. Wang. nompC3 (25, 31) and nompC-Gal4 (III) (30) were from X. Liang. Gr66a-Gal4 (II) and tmc1 (8) were from C. Montell. Pain3 (26), LexAop-mCD4::spGFP11;UAS-mCD4::spGFP1-10, 20XUAS-IVS-SYN21-GFP-P10, and VGlut-flp were from Y. Rao. UAS-RDL-RNAi was from Y. Li. UAS>stop>myrGFP was from C. Zhou. UAS-FLP (II) was from Y. Pan. UAS-FLP (III) and UAS-mCD8-GFP were from C. Potter. The following stocks were obtained from Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC): nompC-QF (BDSC nos. 36346 and 36349), nompC-LexA (BDSC nos. 52240 and 52241), nompC-Gal4 (BDSC nos. 36361 and 36369), NP7506-Gal4 (BDSC no. 114319), GMR41E11-Gal4 (BDSC no. 50131), GMR57C10-Gal4 (BDSC no. 39171), GMR18B07-Gal4 (BDSC no. 47476), GMR58H01-Gal4 (BDSC no. 39197), GAD1-Gal4 (BDSC no. 51630), UAS-GCaMP6m (BDSC no. 42750), UAS-CsChrimson (BDSC nos. 55135 and 55136), UAS-TNT (BDSC no. 28837), LexAop-GFP (BDSC no. 32209), LexAop-CsChrimson (BDSC nos. 55138 and 55139), LexAop-tdtomato (BDSC no. 56142), QUAS-mtdtomato (BDSC no. 30005), QUAS-GFP (BDSC no. 30002), nan36a (BDSC no. 24902), iav1 (BDSC no. 101174), piezoKO (BDSC no. 58770), and UAS-nSyb-spGFP1-10,LexAop-CD4-spGFP11 (BDSC no. 64314). The following stock was obtained from Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC): DmRdl-RNAi (VDRC no. 41103). All experimental genotypes used in this study are listed in table S2.

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