Previous work showed that a wide range of mantle siderophile element concentrations (e.g., Ni, Co, Mo, W, V, and Cr) can be explained by the equilibration of a small metallic core with the mantle, at ~4.5 GPa, ~2273 K, and oxygen fugacity near IW-1, where IW-1 refers to the oxygen fugacity 1 logfO2 unit below the iron-wüestite buffer (4143). Metal-silicate partitioning was predicted for 13 of the VSEs using an expression derived elsewhere [e.g., (44)]Embedded Image(1)where γi is the activity of element i in Fe metallic liquid (table S1), nbo/t is the ratio of nonbridging oxygens to tetrahedrally coordinated cations and is a gauge of silicate melt compositional variation [a value of 2.8 for the bulk silicate Moon (41)], and the coefficients a, b, c, g, and h are derived by multiple linear regression of various datasets. Regression coefficients and γi for the VSEs are available from recent experimental and partitioning studies (see table S1 for more information about the partition coefficients). Tl partitioning studies among metal, sulfide, and silicate melt reveal that Tl is compatible in sulfur-rich or sulfide liquids but weakly siderophile to lithophile at the S-poor conditions of lunar core formation, so we have adopted D(Tl)metal-silicate = 1 for the Moon (Supplementary Materials and table S1). These new constraints were applied to lunar core formation, with the additional assumption that equilibration between the core metal and the lunar mantle is complete, which is the expected outcome in lunar-sized bodies experiencing impacts (45).

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