Phenotypic Profiling of Candida glabrata in Liquid Media
    Authors:  Fabian Istel, Miha Tome, Sabrina Jenull and Karl Kuchler, date: 04/05/2017, view: 2331, Q&A: 0
    Here, we describe a method for a large-scale liquid screening approach in C. glabrata. This liquid media method offers several distinct advantages over solid media approaches. This includes growth measurement on a plate reader instead of ...
    GST-tagged Yeast Protein Purification
    Author:  Hogune Im, date: 10/05/2011, view: 10395, Q&A: 2
    Glutation S-transferase (GST) tagging is the most commonly used purification strategy for recombinant protein. It was developed with the goal of preserving the enzymatic activity by utilizing gentle elution condition of the target protein from ...
    Polyribosome Profiling
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 10/05/2011, view: 7446, Q&A: 0
    qPCR of Yeast ChIP DNA
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 09/20/2011, view: 10821, Q&A: 1
    This protocol is adapted from Chris Yellman's personal notes for qPCR of yeast ChIP DNA to verify binding sites already identified by microarray/sequencing analysis. In addition, qPCR is a quick way to assay the quality of a ChIP sample ...
    Yeast in situ Hybridization
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 09/20/2011, view: 6897, Q&A: 0
    This protocol describes the procedure to label a certain mRNA species in yeast cells with fluorescence probes and prepare slides for visualization under microscope. Probe design/synthesis and microscopy operation are not covered.
    Making Yeast Competent Cells and Yeast Cell Transformation
    Author:  Yongxian Lu, date: 07/20/2011, view: 27135, Q&A: 2
    This is a quite simple but reliable protocol to make very high transformation efficiency yeast competent cells. By express your gene of interest, protein function can be studied in yeast cells.
    Yeast Transcription Factor Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 07/05/2011, view: 8721, Q&A: 0
    This ChIP protocol was developed and improved over the years by various researchers in the Snyder lab, Stanford University, especially Anthony Borneman and Christopher Yellman. I have used this method to successfully map the genome-wide binding of ...
    Yeast Genomic DNA Miniprep Using A FastPrep Cell Lyser
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 05/05/2011, view: 8184, Q&A: 3
    This method is a convenient way to purify high-quality genomic DNA from yeast cells. It is suitable for PCR and other assays that require genomic DNA of higher quality.
    In-Solution Digestion Of Purified Yeast Protein For LC-MS
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 04/20/2011, view: 9836, Q&A: 0
    This method describes the preparation of total yeast protein extract for mass spectrometry analysis. The protein extract is digested by trypsin in a solution with strong denaturants. The digested sample is dried and re-constituted in a mixture ...