Cancer Biology


    Alarmablue Assay for Detecting Cell Viability
    Author:  Huagang Zhang, date: 08/20/2011, view: 13291, Q&A: 0
    AlamarBlueTM detects cell viability by utilizing a nonfluorescent dye resazurin, which is converted to a fluorescent dye resorufin in response to chemical reduction of growth medium resulting from cell growth. The fluorescent or ...
    MTT Assay of Cell Numbers after Drug/Toxin Treatment
    Author:  Ran Chen, date: 04/05/2011, view: 22123, Q&A: 1
    MTT assay is a colorimetric method for measuring the activity of enzymes in living cells that reduce MTT to formazan dyes, giving a purple color. It is commonly used to determine cytotoxicity of potential medicinal agents and toxic materials, since ...

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