Molecular Biology


    Dig RNA Probe Synthesis and Purification
    Author:  Lili Jing, date: 01/20/2012, view: 27011, Q&A: 1
    In situ hybridization is an effective method to examine the expression level and location of a gene of interest in tissues or cells. To do this, RNA can be labeled with digoxigenin-UTP (DIG) by in vitro transcription with SP6 and ...
    Yeast in situ Hybridization
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 09/20/2011, view: 10373, Q&A: 0
    This protocol describes the procedure to label a certain mRNA species in yeast cells with fluorescence probes and prepare slides for visualization under microscope. Probe design/synthesis and microscopy operation are not covered.

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