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RNP-IP (Modified Method)-Getting Majority of RNA from RNA Binding Protein in Cytoplasm Author:  FengZhi Liu, date: 07/05/2012, view: 14307, Q&A: 0
Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression is a ribonucleoprotein (RNP)-driven process, which involves RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and noncoding RNAs that regulate splicing, nuclear export, subcellular localization, mRNA stability and translation. mRNAs encoding proteins that function in a particular cell process or pathway can be found ...
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Measurement of Liver Triglyceride Content Author:  Hani Jouihan, date: 07/05/2012, view: 29821, Q&A: 13
This assay is designed to measure relative lipid accumulation of experimental treatments compared to controls. The reagent measures the concentration of glycerol released after lysing the cells and hydrolyzing the triglyceride molecules. The triglyceride concentration can then be determined from the glycerol values.
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Cancer Biology

Soft–Agar colony Formation Assay Author:  FengZhi Liu, date: 07/05/2012, view: 60826, Q&A: 6
Any anchorage–independent growth of tumor cells is estimated by a soft–agar colony formation assay. This protocol provides a general workflow for establishing a soft-agar colony formation assay.
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Cell Biology

Iron - Prussian Blue Reaction - Mallory’s Method Author:  Hani Jouihan, date: 07/05/2012, view: 23120, Q&A: 0
Purpose: To demonstrate ferric iron in tissue sections. Small amounts of iron are found normally in spleen and bone marrow. Excessive amounts are present in hemochromatosis, with deposits found in the liver and pancreas, hemosiderosis, with deposits in the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes.

Principle: The reaction occurs with the treatment ...
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Immunofluorescence Analysis of Yeast Protein Author:  Yuehua Wei, date: 07/05/2012, view: 15236, Q&A: 1
Many important regulatory proteins such as transcription factors are regulated through subcellular localization. Protein localization can be examined by fusing a GFP tag. However, GFP is relatively big in size, and potentially may affect correct protein localization. Several small tags have been developed, such as myc, HA or Flag. By using ...
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Yeast DNA Replication 2D Gel Protocol Author:  Yanfei Zou, date: 07/05/2012, view: 13146, Q&A: 0
Two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis (2D gel) analysis is used extensively as a method to detect origins of replication. Here, I present a simplified method for the isolation of yeast genomic DNA for 2D gel analysis from a small number of yeast cells. This DNA isolation method is simpler and less time consuming than the traditional method ...
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