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Cancer Biology

Scratch Wound Healing Assay Author:  Yanling Chen, date: 03/05/2012, view: 118808, Q&A: 6
The scratch wound healing assay has been widely adapted and modified to study the effects of a variety of experimental conditions, for instance, gene knockdown or chemical exposure, on mammalian cell migration and proliferation. In a typical scratch wound healing assay, a “wound gap” in a cell monolayer is created by scratching, and the “healing” ...
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Cell Biology

Collecting and Fixing Nuclear GFP/RFP in L1 Larva for Imaging Author:  Xiao Liu, date: 03/05/2012, view: 10526, Q&A: 0
In this protocol, L1 stage larvae are collected that carry nuclear-localized GFP/wCherry reporters. These can be fixed so that the GFP/wCherry maintains nuclear localization and stain nuclei by DAPI. This protocol therefore achieves the collection and fixation of nuclei in worm L1 larvae.
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Amplification of HIV-1 Infectious Virus in BL3 Lab Author:  Xin Wang, date: 03/05/2012, view: 12251, Q&A: 0
This method is used for making high titer human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) virus stock for subsequent infection assays. The amplification of T-tropic HIV-1 virus (IIIB strain) uses the CD4+ T cell line H9.
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Systems Biology

Probing Yeast Protein Microarrays for Protein-protein Interactions Using V5-epitope Tagged Fusion Protein Probes Authors:  Joseph Fasolo and Michael Snyder, date: 03/05/2012, view: 12487, Q&A: 0
Protein microarray is probably the only technique currently available for systematic investigation of protein-protein interactions. This protocol describes an optimized method to probe yeast protein microarrays for protein-protein interactions using purified V5-epitope tagged fusion protein. It should also apply to any other proteins with ...
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