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Immunofluorescence (Especially for Cells Growing on a Coverglass) Author:  Hui Zhu, date: 02/20/2012, view: 23572, Q&A: 0
If an antibody for your protein of interest is available, immunofluorscence is a useful method to detect the localization and relative abundance of the protein by using a fluorescence microscope. Immunofluoresence can be used in combination with other, non-antibody methods of fluorescence staining, for example, the use of DAPI to label DNA. This ...
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Cancer Biology

Transwell Cell Migration Assay Using Human Breast Epithelial Cancer Cell Author:  Yanling Chen, date: 02/20/2012, view: 69587, Q&A: 6
Transwell migration assays have been widely used for studying the motility of different types of cells including metastatic cancer cells. The assay is also useful in screens for compounds that act as chemoattractants or inhibitors of chemotaxis for cells. The assay employs a permeable layer of support, usually a tissue-culture-treated microporous ...
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Molecular Biology

Dharmacon siRNA Transfection of HeLa Cells Author:  Yanling Chen, date: 02/20/2012, view: 24112, Q&A: 0
Small Interfering RNA (siRNA) is a class of double-stranded RNAs of 20-25 nucleotides that play important roles in many biological processes (Hamilton and Baulcombe, 1999). siRNAs act by “neutralizing” the mRNA of the target protein, facilitating degradation of the mRNA and hence altering the biological effect of the protein (reviewed in Hannon ...
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Systems Biology

Illumina Sequencing Library Construction from ChIP DNA Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 02/20/2012, view: 19993, Q&A: 0
The Illumina sequencing platform is very popular among next-generation sequencing platforms. However, the DNA sequencing library construction kit provided by Illumina is considerably expensive. The protocol described here can be used to construct high-quality sequencing libraries from chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA. It uses key reagents from ...
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Gene Networks Based on the Graphical Gaussian Model Author:  Shisong Ma, date: 02/20/2012, view: 14219, Q&A: 1
This protocol describes how to build a gene network based on the graphical Gaussian model (GGM) from large scale microarray data. GGM uses partial correlation coefficient (pcor) to infer co-expression relationship between genes. Compared to the traditional Pearson’ correlation coefficient, partial correlation is a better measurement of direct ...
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