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Immunoprecipitation of Proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans Authors:  Kevin K. Chan, Ashwin Seetharaman, Guillermo Selman and Peter John Roy, date: 04/05/2015, view: 16632, Q&A: 1
Immunoprecipitation (IP) is a biochemical technique to precipitate a protein out of solution using an antigen that can specifically bind to that protein. IP can be performed to isolate and concentrate one particular protein from a sample of thousands of different proteins. IP is also readily performed to pull down interacting proteins of complexes ...
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Intracellular Cytokine Staining (ICS) on Human Lymphocytes or Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) Authors:  Sheena Gupta and Holden Maecker, date: 04/05/2015, view: 24887, Q&A: 1
Production of cytokines plays an important role in the immune response. Cytokines are involved in many different pathways including the induction of many anti-viral proteins by IFN gamma, the induction of T cell proliferation by IL-2 and the inhibition of viral gene expression and replication by TNF alpha. Cytokines are not preformed factors but ...
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Lectin Binding Analysis of Streptococcus mutans Glycoproteins Authors:  Alejandro Avilés-Reyes, José A. Lemos and Jacqueline Abranches, date: 04/05/2015, view: 8398, Q&A: 0
Bacterial glycoproteins are of increasing interest due to their abundance in nature and importance in health and infectious diseases. However, only a very small fraction of bacterial glycoproteins have been characterized and its post-translational modification machinery identified. While analysis of glycoproteins can be achieved through various ...
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Purification of 70S Ribosomes from Bacillus subtilis Authors:  Shota Suzuki, Genki Akanuma and Fujio Kawamura, date: 04/05/2015, view: 10915, Q&A: 0
The eubacterial ribosome (70S) is a macromolecular complex that is composed of a small (30S) subunit and a large (50S) subunit. The small subunit comprises the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and more than 20 ribosomal proteins (r-proteins), whereas the large subunit comprises the 23S and 5S rRNAs and more than 30 r-proteins. Bacillus subtilis ( ...
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Membrane Flotation Assay Authors:  Dorothee A Vogt and Melanie Ott, date: 04/05/2015, view: 12745, Q&A: 0
Many postitive-stranded RNA viruses, such as Hepatitis C virus (HCV), highjack cellular membranes, including the Golgi, ER, mitchondria, lipid droplets, and utilize them for replication of their RNA genome or assembly of new virions. By investigating how viral proteins associate with cellular membranes we will better understand the roles of ...
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Cyst Detection in Toxoplasma gondii Infected Mice and Rats Brain Authors:  Valeria Bellini, Corinne Loeuillet, Céline Massera, Marie-France Cesbron-Delauw and Pierre Cavaillès, date: 04/05/2015, view: 9602, Q&A: 0
Toxoplasmosis caused by the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii, is characterized by a life-long chronic infection. The parasite is an efficient neurotropic infectious agent that establishes its “safe” life by forming intracellular cysts in chronically infected animals and humans. This protocol describes the specific recipes and ...
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Nictation Assays for Caenorhabditis and Other Nematodes Authors:  Daehan Lee, Harksun Lee, Myung-kyu Choi, Sungsu Park and Junho Lee, date: 04/05/2015, view: 8865, Q&A: 0
Nictation is a dauer-specific standing and waving behavior of the nematodes including Caenorhabditis species. Nictation enhances the capability of free-living nematodes to hitchhike to other animals as well as parasitic nematodes to infect their hosts. However, lack of an assay for this behavior has made it difficult to elucidate its ...
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Plant Science

TUNEL Assay in Kiwifruit Stigmatic Arms Authors:  Yolanda Ferradás, Marian López, Pilar Testillano, Manuel Rey and Ma Victoria González, date: 04/05/2015, view: 10274, Q&A: 0
Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labelling (TUNEL) is a method for detecting DNA fragmentation by labelling the 3' terminal end of nucleic acids. This method can be used both in animal and plant tissues. In animal tissues, the use of Proteinase K is sufficient for permeabilizing the cells and to obtain optimal ...
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Microscopic Observation, Three-dimensional Reconstruction, and Volume Measurements of Sperm Nuclei Authors:  Yukinosuke Ohnishi and Takashi Okamoto, date: 04/05/2015, view: 7999, Q&A: 0
Karyogamy, a migration of the sperm nucleus toward the egg nucleus and their subsequent nuclear fusion, is an important biological event for initiating zygote formation toward early embryogenesis in angiosperms. However, how the male nucleus approaches and fuses with the female nucleus still remains unclear. Recently, time-lapse measurement of ...
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Arabidopsis thaliana Root Hair Cell Cytoplasmic pH (pHc) Imaging Authors:  Ling Bai, Yun Zhou, Pengtao Wang and Chun-Peng Song, date: 04/05/2015, view: 8541, Q&A: 0
For monitoring the cellular pH in plants, engineered green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used to indicate cellular pH. Pt-GFP is a pH-reporter protein which has been used ratiometrically in the double excitation mode, according to the fluorescence properties described for Pt-GFP (Schulte et al., 2006), and depending on our previous ...
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Leaf Disc Stress Tolerance Assay for Tobacco Authors:  Ajit Ghosh, Ashwani Pareek and Sneh L Singla-Pareek, date: 04/05/2015, view: 13596, Q&A: 0
Stress tolerance is a multigenic trait that depends on the coordinated action of several genes. Various physiological parameters, such as plant height and weight, total yield, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis rate, level of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and anti-oxidant activity could be correlated directly with the level of stress tolerance ...
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Stress Tolerance Assay at the Seed Germination Stage for Tobacco Authors:  Ajit Ghosh, Ashwani Pareek and Sneh L Singla-Pareek, date: 04/05/2015, view: 10231, Q&A: 0
Stress tolerance of plants is a complex phenomenon that depends on the inter-related action of several morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters. Although stress affects normal physiological growth of a plant irrespective of its developmental stage, seed germination and seed setting are considered to be the most sensitive two. ...
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Gravitropic Analysis of Tomato Seedlings using Time Lapse Video Imaging Authors:  Sulabha Sharma, Kamal Tyagi, Yellamaraju Sreelakshmi and Rameshwar Sharma, date: 04/05/2015, view: 8470, Q&A: 0
Plants use gravity as a guide for growth and development. Gravitropism, a gravity-directed growth process, directs upward shoot movement for efficient photosynthesis and gaseous exchange. In addition, it also directs downward growth of roots in soil, for assimilation of water and nutrients required for growth and development. Using time lapse ...
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