Protocols in Current Issue
    Quantification of HIV RNA and Human Herpesvirus DNA in Seminal Plasma
    Authors:  Milenka V. Vargas-Meneses, Marta Massanella, Caroline C. Ignacio and Sara Gianella, date: 05/05/2015, view: 7597, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Multiple viruses can co-infect the genital tract, modifying the immunologic and virologic milieu and possibly playing a role in viral transmission and pathogenesis. The aim of our studies has been to understand the complex relationships between HIV-1 RNA, and multiple human herpesviruses known to frequently replicate in the genital tract of ...
    Infectious Virus Yield Assay for Hepatitis E Virus
    Authors:  Yannick Debing, Kai Dallmeier and Johan Neyts, date: 08/05/2014, view: 8343, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is one of the main causes of acute hepatitis worldwide. Infections are particularly severe in pregnant women and chronic hepatitis E is known to occur in immunocompromised patients. Current therapy (ribavirin or pegylated alpha interferon) has severe side effects and cannot be employed in all patients. In order to evaluate ...
    A SYBR Green-based Real Time RT-PCR Assay for Detection of the Emerging H7N9 Virus
    Authors:  Zheng Zhu and Lunbiao Cui, date: 06/20/2014, view: 7489, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Most recently a novel avian-origin influenza A (H7N9) virus emerged in China and has been associated with lots of human infection and fatal cases. Molecular diagnostic methods are thus urgently needed in public health laboratories. We developed a SYBR green-based one-step real time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) to detect the novel H7N9 virus.
    Cell Fractionation and Quantitative Analysis of HIV-1 Reverse Transcription in Target Cells
    Authors:  Vaibhav B Shah and Christopher Aiken, date: 10/20/2013, view: 8466, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] This is a protocol to detect HIV-1 reverse transcription products in cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions of cells infected with VSV-G-pseudotyped envelope-defective HIV-1. This protocol can also be extended to HIV-1 with regular envelope.
    Quantification of Retro- and Lentiviral Reverse Transcriptase Activity by Real-time PCR
    Authors:  Jolien Vermeire and Bruno Verhasselt, date: 06/05/2013, view: 10500, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Quantification of retroviral reverse transcriptase activity in retrovirus containing supernatant by quantitative reverse transcription PCR as a method for titration of HIV, lenti- and retroviral vectors is described here.. The procedure was optimized for use with LightCycler 480 (Roche, Vilvoorde, Belgium) and ABI 7300 real-time PCR system ...
    Packaging of Retroviral RNA into Viral Particles Analyzed by Quantitative Reverse Transcriptase-PCR
    Authors:  Bianca Hoffmann and Bastian Grewe, date: 04/20/2013, view: 13936, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Formation of viral particles and packaging of genomic retroviral RNA into these particles are important steps in the late phase of the viral replication cycle. The efficiency of the incorporation of viral or cellular RNAs into viral particles can be studied using a quantitative Reverse Transcriptase-PCR (RT-qPCR)-based approach. After isolation of ...

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