Protocols in Current Issue
    MIFE Technique-based Screening for Mesophyll K+ Retention for Crop Breeding for Salinity Tolerance
    Authors:  Honghong Wu, Lana Shabala, Meixue Zhou and Sergey Shabala, date: 05/05/2015, view: 7146, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Potassium is known as a rate-limiting factor for crop yield and plays an important role in plants response under abiotic stresses. Recently, cytosolic K+ retention ability in leaf mesophyll has emerged as an important component of plant salt tolerance mechanism (Wu et al., 2013; Wu et al., 2014; Wu et al., ...
    Measurement of Potassium Content in Arabidopsis
    Authors:  Mitsuru Abo, Yuriko Osakabe, Kazuko Y-Shinozaki and Etsuro Yoshimura, date: 12/05/2013, view: 8035, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Potassium is an essential element in plant growth and has an important role in regulating cell water potential and turgor in osmotic regulation. Potassium content in plants is high compared to trace elements, however, it is difficult to measure a relatively small change of potassium content in the large total. Here, we describe a procedure for ...

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