Character-State Reconstruction to Infer Ancestral Protein-Protein Interaction Patterns   

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Annals of Botany
Nov 2014


Protein-protein interactions are at the core of a plethora of developmental, physiological and biochemical processes. Consequently, insights into the origin and evolutionary dynamics of protein-protein interactions may provide information on the constraints and dynamics of specific biomolecular circuits and their impact on the organismal phenotype.
This protocol describes how ancestral protein-protein interaction patterns can be inferred using a set of known protein interactions from phylogenetically informative species. Although this protocol focuses on protein-protein interaction data, character-state reconstructions can in general be performed with other kinds of binary data in the same way.

Keywords: Protein-protein interaction, Phylogeny, Character-state reconstruction, Mesquite, Markov model

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How to cite: Rümpler, F., Theißen, G. and Melzer, R. (2015). Character-State Reconstruction to Infer Ancestral Protein-Protein Interaction Patterns. Bio-protocol 5(16): e1566. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1566.

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