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Erika  Grajales-Esquivel

Erika Grajales-Esquivel


Master in Sciences (Biochemistry), School of Chemistry, National University of Mexico, Mexico D. F., 2002

Current position

Research Associate, Department of Biology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio


  1. Luz-Madrigal, A., Grajales-Esquivel, E., McCorkle, A., DiLorenzo, A. M., Barbosa-Sabanero, K., Tsonis, P. A. and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2014). Reprogramming of the chick retinal pigmented epithelium after retinal injury. BMC Biol 12: 28.
  2. Sharma, V., Nayak, J., DeRossi, C., Charbono, A., Ichikawa, M., Ng, B. G., Grajales-Esquivel, E., Srivastava, A., Wang, L. and He, P. (2014). Mannose supplements induce embryonic lethality and blindness in phosphomannose isomerase hypomorphic mice. The FASEB Journal 28(4): 1854-1869.
  3. Haynes, T., Luz-Madrigal, A., Reis, E. S., Echeverri Ruiz, N. P., Grajales-Esquivel, E., Tzekou, A., Tsonis, P. A., Lambris, J. D. and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2013). Complement anaphylatoxin C3a is a potent inducer of embryonic chick retina regeneration. Nat Commun 4: 2312.
Protocols by Erika Grajales-Esquivel
  1. Electroporation of Embryonic Chick Eyes