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Protocol Submission Procedure

Bio-protocol has no publication or access fees. It is free to publish in and free to read. We cover the costs of publishing ourselves.

Submission to Bio-protocol is primarily by invitation. In addition, Bio-protocol encourages authors to recommend their own protocols by filling in our Presubmission Inquiries form.

We fully understand that preparing a detailed protocol can be very demanding. Therefore, our dedicated editing team will do their best to ensure that authors are not burdened with protocol formatting. We want authors to focus on the content of protocols.

1. Submitting a protocol: We request authors to submit their drafts within two months of accepting our invitation. Please see Protocol Preparation Guidelines for details on how to prepare a protocol draft.

2. Reformatting: Our editing team will convert the protocol draft into a Bio-protocol standard format within a week. We then request authors to review the reformatted protocol and return it to us within a week.

3. Review process: Each protocol will be carefully evaluated by three reviewers. The Peer Review Process normally takes four weeks. Authors will then be asked to address reviewer comments and revise the draft within two weeks. Reviewers will confirm if the revisions comply with their suggestions within 10 days.

4. Publishing: Once the final revised draft has been approved by the reviewers and editors, we will request authors to sign our License to Publish (LTP) agreement. Upon receipt of the signed LTP, we will proceed with publishing the protocol within four weeks.